The thesis is that investing is ownership.

You’re connected to these companies via your fund manager. So, you’ll be a 0.001% owner of some company. And ownership should invite us to consider more carefully, well what are the things that we own?

We have proposed a framework that we call Business 360 where you can look specifically at how that business engages with various stakeholders. And these stakeholders they’re customers, employees, supply chain, host communities, the environment, and broader society – those six. One can look at how a business is either adding value or extracting value from those six stakeholders. And all of us want to be people who are adding value.

At Eventide, we believe that companies that are creating value generally would be better investments in terms of the long-term.

We believe that what is right is also what is smart.

What’s interesting about Eventide is we’re investing with a purpose of putting capital towards businesses that are actually doing good things in the world.

Business is intended to serve the common good. The thing that is our renewable source of energy is thinking about the great potential that business has to create value even blessing for humankind.