As an Investment Adviser Representative (“IAR”) seeking to participate in Eventide’s “Find an Investment Adviser” directory (the “Directory”), you are required to review and certify the statements below. It is your responsibility to update Eventide promptly in writing if and when you can no longer certify to any of the below statements.

I hereby certify to Eventide the following:

  • I am actively registered at the state level as an investment adviser representative with a registered investment adviser
  • I have experience with values-based investing via Eventide’s Investment Consulting Group (“ICG”) (e.g., by providing investment process and values-based information to ICG and reviewing values-based portfolio illustration examples)
  • I have obtained an ICG portfolio illustration example within the last 36 months
  • I have indicated whether or not I apply faith-based considerations in providing financial advice
  • I manage investments for at least 5 clients using values-based solutions holistically (i.e., seeking to apply my clients’ values in constructing a full portfolio for them)
  • I have hosted a client engagement event featuring Eventide (e.g., via email, online or in-person) on topics related to values-based investing within the last 36 months
  • I have attended an Eventide Due Diligence Event or an Eventide Discover Values-Based Investing event within the last 36 months
  • I can access at least two (2) Eventide mutual funds as investment options for my clients if appropriate
  • I have reviewed my firm’s procedures and rules, and I am authorized to appear in the Directory
  • I have not been subject to the following:
    • an SEC order issued under section 203(f) of the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 (the “Act”), or
    • convicted within the previous ten years of any felony or misdemeanor involving conduct described in section 203(e)(2)(A) through (D) of the Act, or
    • a person who has been found by the SEC to have engaged, or has been convicted of engaging, in any of the conduct specified in paragraphs (1), (5) or (6) of section 203(e) of the Act, or
    • subject to an order, judgment or decree described in section 203(e)(4) of the Act

Directory users will be able to search and sort IARs based on certain criteria. To help ensure that you are visible in Directory searches, and that your listing provides your preferred information, please provide the following: