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Eventide Asset Management – Leveraging the Power of Capital

Very few things are free in today’s world. Money and the financial markets have the power to drive change and standards across industries and lifestyles alike. But with such power comes responsibility. For effective and positive developments to occur, investors must invoke values alongside capital. Eventide Asset Management, a Boston-based investment adviser, believes that values are essential to the intentional allocation of capital, and is working to promote investing that makes the world rejoice®.

CEO and Co-Founder, Robin John, discusses the motivation that led to the founding of Eventide. “We wanted to pursue the ‘Love your neighbour’ principle and apply that to investing.” In its investment decisions, the company seeks to respect the value and freedom of all people, demonstrate a concern for justice and peace, promote family and community, exhibit responsible management practices, and practice environmental stewardship. He says “At Eventide, all of our values are derived out of this common purpose, which is: Eventide strives to honour God and serve its clients by investing in companies that create compelling value for the global common good.” In this regard, Eventide works to partner with the companies it believes are creating compelling value while also uplifting their communities.

There are three dimensions of Eventide’s approach: ‘Avoid, Embrace and Engage’. ‘Avoid’ and ‘Embrace’ are touched upon in the company’s screening and fundamental research process, whereas ‘Engage’ is linked to how Eventide works to motivate change through its power as an owner.

In order to allocate capital intentionally, company screening is needed, but there is a perception that screening is an activity guided by negativity. Eventide’s Manager of Investment Marketing, Shaun Morgan, explains how Eventide takes a different view. “Whenever we’re talking about the terminology ‘screening’, we’re simply asking, ‘What kind of companies do I NOT want to invest in and what kind of companies DO I want to invest in?’” Eventide strives, therefore, to partner with the companies stepping up to meet important human needs as such businesses are able to create broad value while also doing good. “So, we start there whenever we’re talking about screening–what kind of companies do I want to own? …What kind of companies are creating value?”

“We believe” explains Robin John, “that investors have a huge opportunity and a responsibility to be leaders and to lead towards change.” Eventide is, through various initiatives, demonstrating how this is possible. By reaching out to companies in its portfolio and asking them to pursue change themselves, Eventide is seeking the eradication of slave labour within the solar supply chain in Western China. Also, through its healthcare initiative, Eventide is working to promote fair pricing as well as equitable access to drugs and therapeutic products. On behalf of investors, Eventide seeks to use the capital it manages to drive towards positive change.

Through its actions, Eventide is demonstrating the power of capital and the impact that it can have as a tool for values-driven individuals and organisations. Robin John wants others to come to this understanding also, stating that investors should be asking themselves, “What are the changes I want to see in the world and how can my capital drive towards those changes?” Investing brings with it the power to create change. Eventide understands that, with such power, comes great responsibility to ensure that the changes that investment brings about are positive and beneficial when considering the common good. “To feel that responsibility is empowering people,” explains Shaun Morgan, “The vision for the future is for people to take up that responsibility and then feel it out in the way that they invest.”